Single-Din to Double-Din Conversion

Items needed:
You will find all the necessary parts and tools needed at
(1) Double-Din Headunit
(2) sets of radio removal tools. (for future double din-removal)
(1) Wire Harness for 1987-2003 Volkswagens (single-din radios)
(1) Radio Wiring Harness VW 2003+ DD To install OEM Radio
(1) Antenna Adapter For 1995-2002 Volkswagens Small (single-din radios)
(1) Antenna Adapter VW 2003+ For DD OEM Radio.
The new radio unlocking code
You can obtain this at your local dealer with your VIN and the new radio serial number (found on the side of the radio, it starts with “VW”).

Insert two of the radio removal keys on both sides of the single-din radio.  Once they “click” you can firmly pull them both and the radio will come out.   

Disconnect the radio and pull out the cables. Be very careful not to break or tear any cable. 

To remove the din pocket, firmly pull on it, and it will come out, it does not have any screws, only a clip in the back that unhooks with the right pressure. 

Insert the small single-din antenna adapter into the end of the double-din antenna adapter. 

Plug the antenna cable to the end of adapters. 

Use the following wiring diagrams to connect the cables from the single-din wiring harness to the double-din wiring harness.

Single-Din Wiring Diagram 
Double-Din Wiring Diagram 
Cross Wiring Diagram 

Organize your cables (I used electrical tape) and push the harnesses and the
extra cable back and out of the way, then push the radio until it clicks in place.   

When you turn the radio on, “SAFE” will appear in the screen and, after 3 seconds, “1000” will be displayed. Using the radio pre-set buttons 1 through 4, insert the unlocking code. Button 1 sets the first digit, button 2 the second, and so forth. Once the code is displayed, press the seek up button (^) until a beep sounds, and a radio station is displayed in the screen.

NOTE: If you don’t hear the beep in over a minute, it means that you entered the wrong code or you made a mistake. You can repeat the procedure again ONE more time. If you don’t enter the correct code in the second try, it will lock itself for one hour. You need to leave the radio ON for that hour and then try again. The process will start again and you will have two more tries, and a pause of one hour if you miss again. (this is what the VW manual says, I did not experience this)

A special thanks goes out to Daniel Rodriguez for this How-To